Guess which City Councilor Did Not Opt to be in the 2010 Pride Guide

So much work still to do …


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  • Although I'm disappointed, I think you'll find his instances of siding-with-LGTQ crowd as interesting as you'll find his instances of declining-to-side-with-the-LGBTQ crowd. And you'll find I don't defend him in every instance — I would just hate if he got put up there with the Focus on the Family and the other villains.
    Something to note, though. Good blogging.

  • Oh, yes. He votes well on certain issues. It is the visibility that causes the problems, not the votes.
    Reverend Burgess is not a villain, just evidence that we have work to do and how important it is not to take Pgh politics for granted.

  • I'm not a big fan of the registry anyway. Ledcat hasn't had any word of it and she's a City employee paying for dp bennies. Two years? I think the homophobic City culture is a lot bigger than one Council member and there is a lot of work to be done. Yes, a perfect picture iin the Pride Guide would have been nice but might blind us to the deep issues.

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