What does the Sestak win mean for LGBTQ Pennsylvania?

A glimpse around the blogosphere …

Pam's House Blend has a great liveblog with Joe Sestak and Lt. Dan Choi.  Here's her report on the election results.

Change.org on what the Sestak victory means for LGBT equal rights.

From The Huffington Post ….

I suggest that a similar disgust is stewing in the guts of gays watching straight Democrats – who give love when they want votes and money – fidget and squirm out of their promises. They may not even know they're being homophobic – much as Specter was infused with sexism. But the result is the same: LGBTs are humiliated and abandoned for straight political expediency. There are some notable exceptions, of course – Rep. Patrick Murphy and Sen. Carl Levin on repealing DADT, are extraordinary examples.

But in 2010, the silence and backtracking of cowardly Democrats is just as painful and nauseating to LGBTs as the prosecution of Anita Hill by Arlen Specter in 1991. That may seem over the top to some – but that's the reaction bred by festering rage. And it may take a long time for revenge, as it did with Specter – or it may just take until November.



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