Mel Marin in the 3rd Congressional District — Dear Lord, He's Serious

From the Tribune Review's coverage of a Democratic challenge to Congresswoman Dahlkemper who has been in office for less than one term.  I shake me head to think that people actually believe this hate and fear based rhetoric.

Marin cited three stances that would be important to him if elected:

• Denouncing the “homosexual agenda” — his belief is gay couples adopting children would be “legalized molestation.”

• Saving seniors from “execution” — he believes the elderly are victims of a government program that sends seniors who experience memory loss to hospice care.

• Increasing government spending in the district to stimulate the economy.

Legalized molestation is so incredibly offensive that I'm sputtering. How can someone be serious about this stuff?  How can you claim to be focused on jobs when you actually believe there is a homosexual agenda, much less one that involes hurting children?  It is sickening and disgusting.

Congresswoman Dahlkemper is uncommitted on the inclusive ENDA legislation. How are we as a community doing to persuade her that people don't believe this rhetoric unless they are simply filled with ignorance and hate? 

I can't even muster up the outrage.  He's a small-minded bigot that reminds us why we need to keep pushing our party to the left, to the left, to the left.  Sigh.




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