Post-Gazette: Governor's Race Still Four Way Race

The Post-Gazette has another look at the Governor's race with an emphasis on economic issues.

Here's there take on Hoeffel …

We don't often talk about progressive economic issues.  We also don't talk about the connections between social issues and economic issues.  HB 300 which would protect our jobs, housing and public accomodation is grounded in strengthening the economy.  It is a jobs bill, for God's sake. The data shows the contributions the LGBT community make to the locals in which they live; improving our access to good jobs, decent housing and opportunities to spend our money in public is good for the economy. 

All of the candidates say they support this, but I trust Joe to see its relevance to turning Pennsylvania around and using his office to get the legislation passed instead of waiting for someone else to bring it to his desk. 

I want a good budget and I believe Joe Hoeffel is the smart candidate who sees the connections between social and economic issues. 

Here is Joe's plan.



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