My brain is really tired so I'm giving this my best shot.

First, the follow up from the White House DADT protest yesterday.  The protestors have been released and preliminary reports on how the transwomen and transmen were treated in the jail system are additional sadness related to this entire issue.  Additional reasons for outrage.  I encourage you to read Pam's House Blend for updates.

Pam has an interesting post up on the fallout of the Get Equal activists tactics on mainstream LGBT groups, mainly the Human Rights Campaign.

When the White House comes to the defense of HRC and Joe Solmonese in particular, it's pretty clear both parties feel under siege. In an article “HRC head gets praise, flak for Obama's gay-rights initiatives,” by Lonnae O'Neal Parker, it's a surreal profile with great attention to detail to fawning, with a couple of dashes of criticism — classic CYA journalism.

This debate is playing out throughout the LGBTiverse today.  The end of my day was filled with dozens of tweets and scores of email messages as folks wrestle with the consequences of the White House protest and related action. 

The reality is that the activists are back.  Word has is that there will be no White House action on repealing DADT in 2010 in spite of all those promises.  Imagine the shakeup in the queeroverse as the go-to-gays begin to lose control?

Imagine if that happens in Pittsburgh?

<stops to imagine>

You can get  a little taste of that vibe on Friday night. 

The second area for debate today has been ENDA. The House is working to pass inclusive legislation out of committee and for a full vote, but debate rages on over the unity of the LGBT community … do we stand behind our WHOLE community and require an inclusive bill or descend into the madness of 2007 when a non-inclusive version passed.  Uggg. 

Great video on the issue.

ENDA is about job discrimination. Keep that in mind. It isn't about bathrooms and the mental health of transpeople and the other litany of hateful distractions being lobbied our way. 

ENDA is an economic development issue. 

OK, I'm done for the evening.  The only reason I'm looking forward to plowing through another 100 email messages is the sheer joy of knowing so many bright people are working on these issues each and every single day.  They make it a pleasure to be an activist.

Happy Earth Day, my friends!


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