Weds Round Up

Some photos from DC on the first day same sex couples are eligible to apply for marriage licenses.

There's a new blog dedicated to the alleged misleading campaign statements made by Dan Onorato.  h/t 2 Political Junkies

Dan's Land of Make Believe


I don't see a rainbow flag in this picture.  🙁

Lehigh Valley Ramblings isn't swayed by the Onorato machine.

I've been feeling so run down this week that I haven't really surfed my usual blogs, relying on email and Twitter for the most critical news.  The highlight of my week was learning that the cat we saved is literally expected to give birth in days.  Thank goodness we got her there in time.  She's in an expert foster home.  Sweet girl.

There's a House hearing on DADT which has been live blogged and live tweeted. I'm increasingly fond of the live tweet, but find myself struggling to compose a blog summary.  Maybe that's just because I'm under the weather. 

Final word, the Steel City Stonewall Democrat have their questionnaires out. They are due back by March 14 and the endorsement meeting is set for March 28, 2010.  To vote, you need to be a current member.  Dues start at $15 and up.  This could be the best indicator of what Western PA progressives are thinking (and how they are planning to vote).  Be part of this decision.  Join and support the gay political community.



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