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From Pam's House Blend …more on the role of the Human Rights Campaign and the repeal of DADT.  Things are a bit strained.  Sheesh. While admin officials say repeal is the way to go, the DOJ files briefs in legal cases.  Ahhhh.

LGBT Point of View thinks Code Pink has something to teach today's LGBTgeneration about activism.  They tried to citizen arrest Karl Rove.

Ricky Martin came out.  Debate is raging as to what this means for the Latino community.  Here's one point of view.

Perhaps for the jaded queen living in urban U.S., the oversaturation of gayness in the media has deemed Ricky insignificant and worthy of our dismissal. For that frightened and confused 12 year old in rural Chihuahua, it’s monumental.

My coming out process was stumped by the fact that I could not even imagine my queerness, let alone live it. At the time, the saturation of gayness was mostly strictly white. It wasn’t until queer brown men like Jaime Cortez and Emanuel Xavier fearlessly (or perhaps fearfully) exposed their work and their bodies to the sun of public criticism, that I was able to imagine myself.

Whether U.S. fags approve or not, Ricky is a prominent figure here, and more importantly, in Latino América. Ricky’s coming out makes it possible for young boys in countless homes to imagine themselves as something other than confused.

For context, another significant coming out from the Latino music community. Her name is Rita Indiana and she's from the Dominican Republic and she's nowhere near as famous/wealthy as Ricky Martin.  The link provides links to videos and some samples of her music.  Check it out.

From the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force comes more on the horrific latest chapter in the papal sexual abuse scandal. It is just sickening. 

Buffalo City Council just approved domestic partner benefits WITH a veto proof majority.  Hurrah!

The Stonewall Democrats have a petition up to support the federal Student Non-Discrimination Act.  If you think Constance should get to take her girlfriend to the prom, go sign the petition.  It will take two minutes and you'll be making a statement supporting queer kids everywhere.  WPXI has a little more up about the legal battle over Constance's prom.

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And to remind us that many persons of faith stand strong behind the LGBT community, Reverent Janet Edwards at the Washington Post. 

And, in closing, my favorite referral Google search …. “best lgbt hair salons in pittsburgh”  


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