Can Daryl Metcalfe get any wingnuttier?

As you recall, Metcalfe is running for Lt. Governor. In spite of his lofty looney ideals, he's also pragmatically running for his House seat, too.  Cause powerful is as powerful does.  Something like that.

Metcalfe told the Post-Gazette that he isn't about to be some namby-pamby Lt. Governor. He'll govern like a man, for God's sake (literally).  God help the gays, women, immigrants, veterans, environmentalists, poor people, and pretty much anyone who isn't a god-fearing, sermon-swallowing, blue eyed blond haired, baby popping patriot. Amen.

Mr. Metcalfe shrugged off the angry calls for his resignation that greeted his criticism. He has been similarly outspoken on issues such as gay marriage, charging that proponents of liberalized marriage laws were advancing “a homosexual agenda.”

Mr. Metcalfe said he is optimistic that he will emerge at the front of the nine-candidate GOP field that includes Bucks County Commissioner Jim Cawley, who was endorsed last month by the Republican State Committee.

“I think that we have a very strong base of supporters across the state from our work on areas like the Second Amendment, pro-life, marriage, illegal alien issues,” he said. “I think we're going to have a very good chance of upsetting the establishment and its hand-picked candidate.”

You know my recent visit to the Marriage License office in Allegheny County has made me completely unsympathetic to defenders of marriage.  The idea that allowing a 16 year old to marry while forbidding me at 39 to make that same decision is … stupid.  16? 
I suppose we have to give Mr. Metcalfe props for not using the terms “illegals,” but otherwise it is the same shameful hate-mongering that continues to plague the Republican party. 
Gotta love when the white guy with a hefty salary and a pension is critiquing “the establishment.” 


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