A request for Luke Ravenstahl

As I've reported, the Mayor's office ignores me or pats me on my head and sends me on my way. 

Kristen Baginski and Joanna Doven won't return my calls or respond to my email messages about the LGBT Advisory Council.  I haven't tried Yarone because I'm not a campaign contributor or a City contractor.  I'm not a member of the mainstream media or the alternative media.  No power, no money and no leverage.

I'm just a constituent with a question. 

From: Sue Kerr [mailto:sue@sitnscoop.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 8:21 AM
To: 'Doven, Joanna'; 'info@lukeformayor.com'


This message is to ask when the Mayor plans to announce the launch of his LGBT Advisory Committee and release the names of his appointees. 


Thank you.

Sue Kerr



Sue Kerr


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  • You are being ridiculous. I have been documenting five months of efforts to reach the Mayor's staff. No one will go on the record. I have been told by reputable sources that Yarone is aware of my concerns. Rather than attack me, why not call the Mayor's office yourself, ask the same question and share the answer with the LGBT community?

  • All of the local politicians monitor the local political blogs, even the gay ones. That shouldn't surprise anyone with half a brain. If Yarone found out his staff were not returning calls and he cared, he would SUPERVISE them and fix the problem. Of course, he knows. Paul McKrell knows. They just don't care. McKrell sold his soul. He'll have plenty of campaign work, but no progressive credibility.
    Ravenstahl hates when you make fun of him. He hates when the Junkies make fun of him. He hates when The Comet makes fun of him. He does not have the capacity to laugh at himself.
    Otherwise, he doesn't care what you think. He has gay advisors who say what he wants to hear and write him big checks. The rest of us are nothing to him.

  • The best response to this is to vote for Patrick Dowd.
    Steelerstahl is going to win the race. If every gay person voted for the candidate who actually likes gay people, it would reflect in the polls. The numbers count. The polling data, the voter turnout, the precincts and the donations. That is what Zober and McKrell care about.
    If you want to send a message to Steelerstahl, vote for Dowd.

  • So rather than try to contact Yarone and then report either that he did or did not respond, you take the time to criticize me. Oh, and I love the “reputable sources” line. “Anonymous sources tell me…” LOL. It seems as though you don't want to hear from the mayor's office so that you can continue to critize it.

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