Why an Anti-gay State Rep from Oklahoma matters to your average Pittsburgh Homo

You've probably heard the story.  2 Political Junkies broke it here in the Burghosphere.  To sum it up, Oklahoma Republican and State Rep Sally Kern made some inflammatory comments before a GOP audience, including the rather silly claim that homosexuals have taken over Pittsburgh City Government.  

The rest of her comments are the same outrageous claptrap our foes have been spewing for years.  She's just up front about her bigotry.  People are up in arms.  Ellen DeGeneres stepped out of character and went political on her show in response to Kern.  Good for Ellen. 

You know who isn't so upfront about their bigotry?  Members of the Pennsylvania Senate and House who refused to stand against the so called “Marriage Protection” Amendment in 2006.  I've blogged over and over about this. I've been condemned by gay politicos for criticizing our “allies” in the Senate who used some slick maneuvers to vote for it and vote against it.

This Amendment hurts our community.  It also hurts the heterosexual community — I'm sure each of you knows at least one unmarried heterosexual couple who have a family.  It is an unnecessary, hate-laced bill and next week it comes up for a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Sally Kern obviously feels she is politically safe to state that gays are a bigger threat to American society than international terrorism.  She can say that in her state, defend her Free Speech and not worry about getting herself reelected.  That's Oklahoma.

What about here in Pennsylvania?  Does your Senator have the electoral freedom to embed hate and intolerance in our state constitution?  S/he might.  Have you called to let them know otherwise?  Have you taken the five minutes necessary to get their phone number, make the call and share your thoughts?  How would you feel if s/he said your child poses a threat greater than terrorism because he's gay? 

There's no excuse for this silly legislation to get out of committee.  I believe the 2000 Census showed that there are 25,000 gay couples in Pennsylvania.  That's 50,000 votes, give or take a few who aren't registered in our Commonwealth. 

Kern's claim that Pittsburgh government is overrun with homos is absurd.  I'm sure Bruce Kraus isn't losing any sleep (and has been accused of much worse in the name of his sexual orientation).  But he's doing his part. 

Are you?

Click here if you have five minutes to do something constructive about the Sally Kern's of the world.

ps:  In a fun ironic twist, Chris Potter points out that the AFA of PA has changed Sally's name to Kerr.  I have been permanently banned from the AFA of PA email list (imagine) so I didn't get that information.  Ah, that Aunt Sally of mine … 🙂

pps:  Multiple people have commented on my lack of posting on this topic.  The good news is that I got a promotion at work!  Hurrah.  The bad news is that I seem to be working a lot more 12 hour days.  And, frankly, this just didn't move me to blog.  Until I realized how few people that I know are making those legislative calls …


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