“Take your tolerance and shove it.” — wingnuts shower the love on Jerry Lewis

Good grief!  I've been blogging for about 20 months during which I've tackled everything from Rick Santorum's former spokesfag to annoying Republican ice cream twins.  I've mocked the homophobic Ravenstahl administration.  I've targeted Joey Porter, the Archbishop of Nigeria, the City Paper, Edgar Snyder, a lesbian variety show, Pride in the Streets and most major religious denominations. 

Sure, I get a few comments. I even had to delete one because it was so filled with hate-rhetoric.  More frequently, my comments are interesting and instructive with the occasional naysayer. 

Then today, my innocuous post about Jerry Lewis — it wasn't even very well written or thoughtful with a very low snark factor –was picked up by CNN's blog referrals and generated hundres and hundreds of visitors.  It also generated a lot really small-minded homobigoted comments.

Seriously – Jerry Lewis?  That's the big draw.  Sigh. 

Here's some related stuff.

GLAAD's Press Release

Jerry Lewis' apology.  Note that Lewis does not deny that he used the word “fag.”   He accepts responsibility.  Hmmm. 


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