Breaking News — Jerry Lewis uses “fag” on the air during live telethon …

h/t Ms. Monongahela

I did not see this myself, primarily because I would rather gouge my eyes out with a stick than sit through 78 hours of Jerry Lewis.  Instead, I went shopping.

It seems I missed quite a moment today.  Jerry Lewis refers to someone in the audience as “Jesse, an illiterate fag” while the audience titters and groans. 

Tabloid Baby has the story.

Jerry really went and struck a blow against allowing 81-year-old tumlers to host live telethons when, in a bit, he referred to the imaginary son of a cameraman as “the illiterate fag.”

It's Old School Vegas. Way old school. Did it take a bite out of donations? No. The final tote read $63.7 million for Jerry's 42nd telethon. Last year's record was $61 million.

But it could mean that Jerry goes the way of Imus and Rather…

Because I cannot figure out how to imbed the video, go here for the clip.  <And someone tutor me on how to do it, please.>

Is this an Imus moment?  Your thoughts? 


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  • The Jerry Lewis Telethon is only 21 hours and of that only about a third has Jerry in it… regardless of whether someone likes him or not, he does good work for MDA and the children affected by these diseases. My sister-in-law died from a form of MD. The MDA was an enormous help for her to cope with the disease.

  • I'm sorry for your loss. I, too, have loved ones with forms of MD. My comments were obviously not directed toward MD or the telethon as a quick read will show.
    However, I have many more friends who are victims of hate-talk and discrimination based on their sexual orientation, so I do take Jerry Lewis' joke seriously.
    It is not a matter of chosing sides. You can support MD and the goals of the telethon while criticizing Jerry Lewis for bashing gays to make a joke. It wasn't funny and it detracts from the cause he endorses when he sinks to that level.

  • Oh, I don't hate. I'm very tolerant…I have two cats and loud neighbors. I'm not right-winged…I'm logical, a realist. Just like you guys, call what I sent a “hate message”, no wonder our race is doomed. I don't care what your community does. But don't say it's normal. It's about as normal as pigs flying. Right down to design…that lifestyle is a choice. Sure, maybe some are born with those “feelings.” Fine, then it's a malfunction…chemical imbalance/wires crossed. Period. Call me dumb or whatever you want. Right wing, intolerant…etc. Just be glad there's no group for us dumb, right-wing, intolerant people. We could call it DRwIP Coalition.

  • Get over it.
    Gays, queers, homos use all kinds of language to describe themselves even in self-deprecating comedy and they are certainly not “kind” to certain groups of people who would never worry about Sharpton or Jackson being called in, as if they were worth a call considering the fakery in both of their long careers.
    J. Krygier (brother to one who died from aids)

  • Finally someone said it right. It was good comedy that is all if you are offended then Im sorry but in England a fag is a cigarette so maybe he meant an illiterate cigarette…. There are so many ways to be humorous and no matter what it will offend someone and you right wing comment is an example of it… why cant we just laugh at ourselves for once….

  • WAH WAH WAH! He was making a joke. All true comedy pokes fun at one person/group or another. Get over it. Its crying like this that perpetuates your role as pansies in society. Grow some balls and stop whining about every little thing that doesn't blow sunsine up your ass, even though we know that is all you want.

  • Why do people have to be tolerant of behavior in which they do not agree? I don't agree with the Queer agenda being shoved down our throats at every chance with the objective to “normalize” their behavior. Nope, sorry, I don't have to tolerate it. I don't hate gays, but I hate their attempts to make my children grow up faster than they have to and their attempts at making them think that using an alimentary canal for sex is normal. Nope, sorry, not gonna do it.

  • Aren't we getting a little thin-skinned here? Why does GLAAD seem more like a cencorship-bent mob of thugs? They don't like what you say, you're out of a job, and probably blacklisted to boot. Entertainers have a right, to some degree, to be a little over the top. It's why we pay to be ENTERTAINED. He did not say, kill all fags, now did he? For an Awareness organization, they seem neither AWARE nor concerned that the public thinks of them are a whiny, self-important joke. Furthermore, the public does have a right to think that the gay lifestyle is a sin. I think they would be happy if THOUGHT could be legislated.

  • Good for you Jerry! I'm sick and tired of having the sexual idiocy of 2% of the US population shoved in my face by the TV networks. I won't be buying any products from sponsors who post that kind of crap either. Take your tolerance and shove it.

  • Jerry Lewis did NOT say “fag” he said “fa” which, according to the dictionary, is another word for “Persian”. You people will find an insult under ever rock! Try getting a little thicker skin.

  • Wow….so you know someone who died from AIDS. Yippee, so does everyone else. You have never had someone follow you down the street calling you a dyke or a faggot. If you are hisspanic or black I'm sure there are words maybe you have heard. Whether or not someone else calls themselves by any less than endearing term does not give some pasty white old man permission to use that kind of language.
    It is hurtful and cruel to call anyone that type of slur.

  • “Entertainers have a right, to some degree, to be a little over the top. It's why we pay to be ENTERTAINED.”
    Only point I can agree with so far. To me these issues of being offensive hinge almost entirely on whether or not you were actually succeeding in being funny. For an 81 year old legendary comedian raising money for charity, I think we can even stand to lower the bar of funny a little bit.
    You people with your “unnatural” and your “not normal.” Who gives a rat's behind?

  • Well, sure. You took a little anecdote about poking myself in the eye with a stick and made it a big league story. That's impressive, woman!
    The best thing .. he apologized AND took responsibility for his comments. Imagine!

  • It was unfortunate that Jerry used such poor judgement on the Telethon this weekend. Bottom line is, nothing is going to happen to him. The only thing that got Imus kicked off the air was the threat of sponsorship loss. MDA doesn't have to worry about that, and therefor it is pretty much a dead issue. Al Sharpton would only care if Jerry said his son was a 'nigger fag' instead. GLAAD doesnt have the social power that a Sharpton or Jackson has the benefit of. When you have a disease that primarily effects children, such as MDA (ALS has is own fund raising division), Jerry Lewis is the only celebrity you have to 'sell' your product. So yes, it was very poor taste and by apologizing he only did was minimally expected of him, but MDA will under no circumstances make any changes to the biggest fundraising initiative they have no matter what he had said. Does anyone think that he should not be able to assist in raising $60 million a year because an error in judgement? If you do, then you might want to leave the TV off next Labor Day, because he will be right back where he has been for half his life, giving his time to raise money.

  • Jerry slamming again…..
    How could a Jew do such a thing! For centuries Jews have been severely suppressed all over the world. Current Jewish authors weave reminders of this into their fiction and non-fiction “so people won't forget”. Jerry seems to have forgotten or simply doesn't care because he's “made it” and this gives him license to exploit children and to slam minorities. Dana

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