A Lesbian Weekend in Pgh: Edgar Snyder, Yuppies and Decapitated Jesus

UPDATE:  Upon the advice of my counsel, I have deleted references to minors that may or may not be affiliated with Mr. Edgar Snyder as well as comments about the parenting skills of adults that may or may not be the parents of said minors.  My apologies for assuming that the behavior of children (older than age 4) who repeatedly bump into other people and occupy counter seats, intended for other patrons, while they wait for their table might be a reflection of the parenting skills of those supervising said children.  Further, I should not jump to conclusions about the parenting skills of an individual who post their children's ages and gender as well as contact information for their father on a blog.  Or sent his telephone number to the blog author whom he has never met.  In all seriousness, I recently attended a workshop on Internet safety for my job — it is NEVER safe to post email addresses or telephone numbers in relation to children.  I am deleting that from his comment b/c I don't want to contribute to any harm or danger to children, regardless of my opinion of their parents. 


This is just a general rant about my weekend.  Nothing too exciting.

Friday, I stayed home and recuperated from a hard week at work.  My boss resigned and moved to Texas (she left today) so I was a bit down that evening. Ledcat made homemade pizza, so that helped.

Saturday, I had to trot off to Boyce Park for our company picnic.  Ledcat chose not to come with as we were fairly sure I would be the token homo at the event.  We was right.  It wa a nice day for a picnic.  After an appropriate amount of chatting and mingling and general revelry, I had to leave when the temperature soared and it became difficult to breathe.  I then faced the odious task of getting home w/o the benefit of the Parkway East, a feat that took 30 extra minutes and a detour through Verona. 

We had a contractor stop by which really excited me. We visited his sister's house a few weeks ago and saw his work firsthand.  Awesome!  Plus, he is one of those really cool people who is just nice. Plus, the dogs liked him.  Check out his band.  I hope we can get him to work on our house. 

Afterwards, dinner with Ledcat's Mom at Muriel's.  We love this place.  I had the grilled chicken over quinoa, which I discovered is an Aztec grain.  Ledcat had the special, Mahi Mahi.  Ledcat's Mom and her ladyfriend had mushroom ravioli.  After a quick trip to say hello to our 19 month old niece (totally awesome playtime), we sent Mom and ladyfriend back to Mercer County and headed over to the cinema at the Southside Works.

So I have to stop here and admit that I was wrong.  I've been dissing the Works for a year as a pretentious, yuppie-filled magnet.  I went to the Cheesecake Factory one time and waited in line against my will for 1.5 hours with a broken foot (long story) only to discover that it wasn't all that and a bag of chips.  So I complained and whined whenever we returned.  However, this time we decided to catch Hairspray at the Works.  It was cool.  No crowds, no whirling lights and no hideous video games.  The staff was nice and the theater was pleasantly uncrowded.  John Travolta was great. 

Plus, in a surreal moment, we ran into two characters from our friend Ehrrin's blog .. E-dawg and Lareese.  We were at the snack bar (small popcorn, no butter and a pepsi to share).  That was kinda cool.

Sunday, we slept in and then headed to the Square Cafe to break our fast.  It was semi-crowded, but nothing atypical.  After being seated, Ledcat points out to me that Edgar Snyder was there with a large party, including several bratty kids poorly behaved individuals who have the horrendous social skills instilled from privileged upper-middle class over-indulged white parents. A few moments later, we saw why when Edgar stormed up to the manager and threw an actual hissy fit because his meal for twelve took a more than ten minutes to prepare.  I almost snorted my waffle when I saw him flailing his arms.  That staff were very cool and composed even as he made a complete jackass of himself. 

I guess all the money in the world can't buy class.  I shared the story at a nearby coffeehouse later in the day, only to have the barista confirm that he's had similar encounters with Mr. Snyder at Whole Foods.  As we had to make a Whole Foods stop, I was a little scared we'd see him again.  Thank goodness, he took his brood to some other post-luncheon locale

We hit up the Co-op for some yummy groceries.  I wanted lentils since my friend made us a great lentil dish a few nights ago after our composting workshop.  Then we hit WF where I, apparently reaching my tolerance for yuppies, almost had a breakdown in the grains section when we couldn't find basmati rice.  It was awful.  Someone almost ran over my foot and another person actually rammed Ledcat's cart.  I really don't like WF enough to put up with that crap.  I'll take Shakespeare Giant Eagle anyday of the week. 

So this weekend sort of turned my world upside down.  Whole Foods is off my list for the time bing until they implement some yuppie control.  Southside Works is back on my list until they install video games in the lobby.  I've got 897 worms living in the basement eating my rotten peaches. I'm going to try and cook lentils.  And I'm seriously contemplating installing this in my backyard.


One final note.  Chris Potter and his posse take us inside the world of buskers.  I have to admit that I hate buskers.  In theory, they are a cool, alternative form of entertainment and I certainly get that they have a right to make a living.  But there's a violinist who plays in front of the Manor in Squirrel Hill.  She takes up half the entrance and is very dramatic.  It is all very charming in a delusional, upscale sort of way.  But I hate dodging her when I come and go.  A few weeks ago, it got worse when this dancing woman showed up.  Not only did the completely block the entrance, but a large crowd gathered to watch.  I made a few attempts to pass by, but I almost got knocked over by whirling girl. Getting into a movie theater isn't an ultimate sport.  So I left.  And I complained to the owner who promised me they would be more attentive to keeping the entrance clear.  Great.  Because that's why I went to the Southside Works this weekend.  I'll go back and give it a try.  Eventually.  When the scars heal.

So that's my busking story.  God bless 'em for trying to make a buck. 


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  • Dear Sue,
    As the father of two of the “bratty kids who have the horrendous social skills instilled from privileged upper-middle class over-indulged white parents,” I wanted to take a minute to write and thank you for your thoughts on my parenting. It seems that you know a great deal about raising kids, so I welcome your feedback and would really appreciate any expertise that you might share. But please contact me directly (email removed by owner) rather than issuing public statements about my four- and two-year-old daughters. They're really not in a position to defend themselves.
    Name removed by owner

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