We’re headed for PrideFest this weekend (and FLUX, too)

PrideFest.  Our annual celebration of our community pride.  Saturday, June 16, 2007.  Riverfront Park on the North Shore.  The march kicks off at 12 PM.  The festival itself begins at 1 PM.  We like to watch the march at the beginning (5th and Ross) and then hop in the car to drive down to the North Shore. 

Visit the official PrideFest website for more details.  I will warn you that it's really wordy and texty, but after a few peruses you'll get the gist of it all.  Apparently, they ran out of bullet points at the GLCC. 🙂  

I always enjoy PrideFest because I like visiting the vendors, eating a hot dog and catching a squat while visiting with old friends.  I like the entertainment.  I simply like being surrounded by thousands of gay people.  I hope a lot of people turn out.  In fact, I expect a good turnout.  It may only be a giant party, but it is proof positive of just how significant the LGBT community is. 

That evening, a block party has been planned on Liberty Avenue.  We were tempted to go for the kitsch of seeing Tiffany perform, but the prospect of hanging amidst a large group of streetsy drunken gay people isn't really appealing. 

Thank goodness for FLUX which is being held downtown on Saturday evening.  We went to FLUX in Braddock and it was really nifty.  Performance art, installations, music, cool usage of spaces, interesting people and a really lively vibe.  For $10, you get all that.  It is at 610 Smithfield Street above Brooks Brother.  Be there!

I miss the days when we had a PrideMonth with workshops and discussions and pancake breakfasts and all that wonderful stuff.  It was great.  Perhaps someday …


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