Dennis Miller Listeners — Smart AND Sassy?

My favorite headline of recent days …

Dennis Miller leads a pack of hosts pining for a fan base that's young, smart, sassy and male

Not sure how many yinzers want to be chalked up as sassy males, but you never know.  I've been wrong about these things before. 

Has anyone listened to the Zone?  Thoughts?  Comments?  I do have to point out that I made my break into Pittsburgh radio on the original The Zone 98.7 out of Charleroi.  I was on the sister AM station but occasionally sat in for a segment or two.  I digress.

I can't listen to McIntire's show b/c I'm at work and would get fired for hoo-haa discussions on my radio.  Plus Thom Hartmann is on during that time slot and I LOVE Thom Hartmann — just picked up his new book at the library.  So in a sick sort of way the hoo-haa debate makes me choice easy.  LOL.   I'm not gonna listen to Dennis Miller. I did tune in to hear Scott Paulsen talk with Tom Sokoloski — that was an interesting segment. 

Inquiring lesbians want to know if The Zone brings out the sassy in its listeners.  That's something we'd have to investigate. 


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  • I have been really impressed with somebody's — i don't remember his name — The Sports Contraption. And I do NOT like sports talk shows. Really funny, really talented.
    I can not think of any kind of programming — tv, radio, what have you — that succeeded on the strength of an overt “Just Men” or “Just Women” philosphy. I can think of few successful human endeavors that keep that thought in mind.

  • I can think of at least one “Women Only” thing that works for me …
    I'll have to check out The Sports Contraption. I have a few afternoon appts this week so I can tune into The Zone while I'm in the car …

  • Hey Peg, thanks for that. A daytime man show is a bit different in focus than an evening show on KDKA so we'll have to see what happens. Plus its easier to chat from my bedroom than my cubicle. I'm sure John will continue to do some interesting stuff on LGBT issues as they come up. But I 'preciate the thought.

  • Ha. That brings to mind the top-secret (shhh) plot to subvert The Zone by flipping it to a lesbian station. It will be the real Lesbian Flipper. 🙂

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