“I hate gay people” comment giving homophobes a black eye

This is just too delicious.  The Concerned Women for America are taking former NBA player Tim Harding to task for his recent homophobic rant.  The CWA fears that Harding's blatant bigotry will taint the anti-gay movement.  Or something like that.  Just check this out:

“Hardaway’s comments are both unfortunate and inappropriate,” said Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues. “They provide political fodder for those who wish to paint all opposition to the homosexual lifestyle as being rooted in ‘hate.’ It’s important to note that Hardaway’s words represent the feelings of Hardaway. His words do not represent the feelings of the vast majority of people opposed to the homosexual agenda.

“It’s perfectly natural for people to be repelled by disordered sexual behaviors that are both unnatural, and immoral,” said Barber. “All too often those behaviors are accompanied by serious physical, emotional, and spiritual pitfalls. However, the appropriate reaction is to respond with words and acts of love, not words of hate. Jesus Christ offers forgiveness and freedom for all sinners, and that is the heart of the Gospel message.

“Thousands of former homosexuals have been freed from the homosexual lifestyle through acts of love. Hardaway’s comments only serve to foment misperceptions of widespread homosexual ‘victimhood’ which the homosexual lobby has craftily manufactured.”

I can't make this shit up.

This is the kind of Christian-flavored bigotry that makes me puke.  As I was trying to explain to H's Mom in an earlier post, hate is a slippery slope.  H's Mom and her fear of lesbian-association for her daughter might seem a far cry from “I hate gay people,” but if you interject the intermediary step described above … its not so crazy a leap is it?


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