Post Gazette Kisses White House Ass, Fawns Over Local Sibs

Thanks to the Post-Gazette, we now know to avoid Chocolate Celebrations and the Milkshake Factory on Southside. 

It is the family business of siblings Chris and Dana Edwards, both of whom are proud members of the Bush Administration.  Dana coordinates POTUS travel and Chris, who bears the title SPECIAL assistant to the President, oversees logistics for the press corp.

For some reason, a Post-Gazette editor decided to waste valuable feature space gushing over the Edwards candy store -White House connection . There's some inane reasoning that running a candy store prepares you to work in the White House.  It is good that at least someone in the White House has run a successful business. 

The best part is that Dana got her job because of her brother.  It doesn't get more obvious that this Administration is not run by the most talented people, but by the most connected. 

After annoying us with some pathetic jokes about Chris buying her a pearl necklace and how much money they make (poor Dana makes less — imagine a woman making less!), the PG gives us this total line of garbage:

Both display the unswerving loyalty to the administration that George and Laura Bush seem to inspire in many of their young staffers. In interviews, Chris continually tried to turn the conversation about his own family back to how the president's emphasis on family inspires him.

The PG thinks its news that two bright young Pittsburghers have been hoodswinked by the “family value” lies dripping out of the White House.  Or, more likely, that Dana and Chris are young, upwardly-mobile, heterosexual, white adults who are willing to trade every bit of decency and intelligence they may posess for their own personal advancement and career trajectories.  Chris and Dana are perfect examples of privileged hypocrites who don't give a flying fig about Pittsburgh families.

All the while selling us chocolate.  And milkshakes.

Thus Pittsburgh queers and allies, you are duly warned that Chocolate Celebrations and the Milkshare Factory are owned by traitors who contribute to the Administration that wants to strip us of every civil right we deserve. 


UPDATE:  Click here for the latest derring do of the ice cream twins.


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