Trib Eggpostulates on Gay Easter Invasion

You thought our first post would be about Darryl Metcalfe's PG opinion piece, didn't cha?  We'll save that for later when correspondent Shelly joins the PghLesbian team ….

In today's Tribune-Review, the editors whine that homos are trying to steal Easter from the little children.   The Family Pride Coalition has organized about 200 gay families to join the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the White House, a long standing family tradition.  The families plan to wear rainbow leis to symbolize their pride. 

The fine family-friendly folks at the Trib seem to believe that this “politicizes” the event.  Ironically, they make this pathetic bleat about 3 paragraphs after pointing out that it took over 75 years for the White House to include African-American children in this family tradition.   Hmmm ….could there be a connection between the African-American civil rights experience and the queer civil rights experience?  Oh my!

This is yet another pathetic attempt by the wingers to paint the gay community as a threat to children.  With NOT A SINGLE MENTION of the children in the gay families.  The children who just want to be able to join in a good ole American tradition without having to pretend their families aren't gay.  If they just showed up without the gay pride paraphenalia, everything would be okay for the poor breeders who don't want to have to explain tolerance to their spawn. 

Do you think Jesus would be hanging out with a bunch of privileged kids rolling eggs at the White House perhaps posing for photo op with the token minority child?  OORRRRR would he be down the street at the shelter feeding eggs to hungry children and their families?  Hmmmm ….



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