Not Gay Related: KDKA invades privacy, grief

      During the Thursday evening broadcast, KDKA news stepped over the line covering a local fire.  A Trafford fire left 10 people homeless; everyone made it out alive and unharmed. 

But to get the sensational angle, David Highfield  stuck a camera in the face of one victim who was clearly distraught over the deaths of her pet cats not to mention the destruction of her entire home.  Her despair was so sad to watch and not something anyone of us viewers needed to witness directly in order to understand the magnitude of her losses.  I felt like a voyeur and it pisses me off that KDKA violated her anguish. 

Last night at 6 PM, Patrice King-Brown took a few moments to express compassion for the gentleman whose home was vandalized days after a school bus crashed into it.  That's what I like about Patrice — she's seem cool, collected AND compassionate. 

So why couldn't David Highfield show some of the same restraint and given us some real reporting instead of a voyeuristic show?   Ick.



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