Steelers = Girly-Men in Gold? PG Fashion Editor Weighs In

In another stunning display of how desperate Pittsburgh media outlets are for any Steeler oriented story, the Post-Gazette's very own fashion editor LaMont Jones evaluates the “manliness” of the Steelers' gold pants.

Apparently, the Steeler Nation is aghast at the thought that our hometown heros could be perceived as “girly men” in gold.  Their alternative? 

Ditch the “gold” pants in favor of black, the other half of the Steelers' official team colors. Maybe add a tuxedo-style gold stripe down the outer legs for some pizzazz.

Yes, LaMont, because a bit of pizzazz will definitely quell any suspicions about their manliness. 

Dispelling any questions over his own manliness, LaMont goes on to wonder if black pants would make the Steelers look top heavy and voice his concern about the waddle-factor of the current bunchy gold material.

But the best of all is the last sentence ..

But for anyone who questions the manliness of the Steelers in yellow-as-gold pants, seeing the likes of Antwaan Randle El, Troy Polamalu and James Farrior stride off the field like victorious gladiators in a Roman amphitheater should be sufficient to put any concerns to rest.

Yes, that does it for me. 




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