Lynn Swann Fumbles on Gay Marriage Amendment

OK, disregard the trite football phrasology..

From our friends at Steel-City Stonewall Democrats, here's the skinny from social conservative Lynn Swann on gay marriage …

Drum roll … while marriage is between a man and a woman, he does think private contracts should take care of us queers.   With no governmental protections. 

Now for my personal diatribe … here's why Lynn Swann sucks.  Not only is he an elitist jerk, but he shows up at the Super Bowl MVP gig to promote hs campaign.  Now Franco Harris shows up to support the Steelers.  Pulls out a Terrible Towel!  That's classy.

Swann's showboating was almost as pathetic as Terry Bradshaw staying home to pout b/c they wouldn't pay him to show up. At least Bradshaw's buffonery is limited to those who pay money to see his movies and fail to click away during his commercials.  Lynn Swann might actually do some real damage to people who don't matter in his realm. 




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  • What's your take on Bob Casey Jr.'s statement this past weekend?
    BTW: Glad to have you back. I was almost ready to send an e-mail asking how things were….

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