Family Tidings

This morning we became aunties for the first time.  Laura's brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl – Ava Grace.  We spent some time with them last night before they left for the hospital and were there this morning to welcome Ava to the world.  Well, Laura was there first as I was taking care of Ava's feline siblings on my way to the hospital.  I just got a glimpse of her for a few moments but my heart is swelling with simple joy.

Being included in these moments like any other spouse would be and knowing Ava will grow up acclimated to having two aunties is incredible.  I can't get the smile off my face. 

Our bragging tonight at a LGBT social gathering led to an interesting discussion on LGBT parenting, adoption and foster care.  It is disheartening how many extra hoops we have to deal with while heterosexual couples blissfully muddle along. 


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  • Congrats on Ava Grace. She's obviously got two loving aunties who will do all they can to make her life a joy.
    May God bless her and keep her safe always.

  • Well, here in Texas, since the Texas Constitution has just been amended to preclulde legal recognition of same sex relationships, we are now working on a new project to help heterosexuals protect marriage.
    It is called the “One Man, One Woman, One Marriage” initiative.
    It will make divorce illegal, require a fertility test in addition to a blood test, and all marriages that do not result in children within three years will null and void.
    This will stop serial monogomy and prevent post-fertile old people from getting married for the tax benefits.
    I'd like to see this program nationwide. After all, this is a Christian nation and it is our duty as citizens to help Biblically Correct people protect our society.
    Out next prjoects will be to outlaw blended fabrics and to require women to stay at home during their menses.
    Dallas, Texas

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