CBS Daytime Soap Reveals Transgender Storyline Twist

Maya Bold and the Beautiful

This week, The Bold and The Beautiful revealed a significant plot twist with the disclosure that Maya Avant is a transwoman. The show had played up a “big secret” moment involving Maya’s college-aged sister, referencing family rejection and denial. Maya first appeared on screen in December 2013 as an old-friend of Dayzee with a troubled […]

Daytime Focuses on Gay Men, But Where Are The Rest Of Us?

Days of Our Lives

When last we chatted daytime television, I was sharing my thoughts on how the “Nick Fallon was raped in prison” story was playing out. Aside from the fact that there was a prison rape, it hasn’t been too bad. Nick had a come to Jesus moment about how he was treating his gay cousin and […]


Summer is here which means – for those of us without cable – basically, a silent screen except for the evening news and the occasional soap opera episode. Nothing on in the evening (I miss actual reruns.) Even 60 Minutes is boring in the summer.  Don’t cry for me because there’s plenty to do, but […]