Sexual Assault and Rape Culture Are LGBTQ Issues

Trigger Warnings – sexual assault, rape, victim-blaming Coauthored with Ian Awesome. Originally posted on HuffPo Gay Voices. The conviction of two young men for raping an unconscious young woman challenges us to rethink our assumptions about youth, the legal system and sexual assault. We are both survivors of sexual assault. In the light of media responses to […]

“Madama Butterfly” – Cultural Lessons on Respect for Women

**SPOILERS** Last night, Ledcat and I were guests of the Pittsburgh Opera for the performance of  Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly.” Congrats to Tiffany who won the two tickets (and brought her friend Becky along.) Cio-Cio San’s open heart and trusting nature are the reasons that Pinkerton should love her, and the reasons that we weep at […]

Change The Conversation: Blogging About Sexual Assault – Planning Post

Change The Conversation: Blogging About Sexual Assault – Planning Post

Friends – The Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society is organizing a “Blogging Day” on Tuesday April 2. “Change the Conversation: Blogging About Sexual Assault” We need help to make this successful. Help us send a message of solidarity to our sister in Steubenville and all survivors of sexual assault. Help us begin the difficult conversations on […]

Lessons From Steubenville – Rapists Destroy Their Own Lives By Raping Women

Trigger Warning – references to sexual assault, rape apologists, and rape culture   Let me be absolutely clear – it is not what they didn’t say, it is what they DID say. They weren’t guilty of “rape essentially” – they are guilty of rape. Their lives did not fall apart – they destroyed their own […]