Tampons, Texas and Tears – Sister Supplies

The meme about the Texas State Legislature banning state resident from bringing tampons or pads into the General Assembly buildings during a heated debate on abortion really got me thinking. On its face, this is patently absurd – have you ever tried to throw a tampon at anyone? Or a pad? Even drenched in water, […]

Chicks in the Hood – Urban Chicken Coop Fundraiser for Just Harvest

This Sunday, June 9, Pgh folks can get up close and personal with urban chickens via the the 3rd Annual Chicks-in-the-Hood tour of urban chicken homesteads throughout the Northside and East End of the City. The tour will introduce adults and children to the different types of chickens, coops and lifestyles of urban homesteading in […]

Eight Ways To Pay It Forward

If you use Facebook or Twitter, chances are that you’ve come across some pretty amazing people – especially parents who have lost a child – asking others to pay it forward in honor of their loved one. That often gets me thinking of how we want to focus on individual actions sometimes at the expense […]

Rick Santorum: Eliminate Food Stamps b/c Obesity is The Hunger Problem

Rick Santorum: Eliminate Food Stamps b/c Obesity is The Hunger Problem

Ahem. This is offensive and ignorant on so many levels. It isn’t just a distasteful opinion, it is sheer distortion of factual information on the causes of hunger, the rates of hunger, the role of food stamps and the economy. How could you elect a President who doesn’t understand the association of poverty, employment and […]