More Facebook Style Homophobia – Facebook, Apparently, Likes Jags?

So if God Hates Jags and Facebook rejects a paid post that says so, does that mean Facebook does not hate jags or that they might even like jags? Could Facebook secretly be teaming up with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to redeem the jagoff? Do you think anyone at Facebook HQ knows what a jag is? […]

Changed Your Avatar? Next Step – Email Senator Casey

This post fuses two interesting themes. Did the great avatar swap on Facebook have any impact? US Senators are now coming out in support of marriage equality, 9 Democrats left.   So yes – you can demonstrate that changing your avatar had an impact, on you. How? By contacting US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and […]

What I Like About You! You Really Use Facebook Well!

When you post up, down, all around … well, okay, that’s hard to work into this theme. But we are closing in on 500 likes on our Facebook page. Can you help us reach the goal this month? Click on the logo OR use the like box in the right hand column. What do you […]

Put Your Money Where Your Meme Is: Support Dick’s Sporting Goods and Local Youth

Imagine if each person who has posted something about gun control in the past 6 days were to make one purchase – large or small – from Dick’s Sporting Goods? As you may know, Dick’s has suspended the sale of certain semiautomatic weapons in all of its stores and pulled all guns from the store […]

Facebook Takes Another Step Toward Equality; Still Hung Up On Words

Facebook is evolving.   Facebook, the world’s largest online social network, has taken another step toward LGBT-inclusiveness, introducing same-sex icons for users to select from when adding marriage events to their profile’s timeline. Previously, the marriages between gay couples were marked by the default “bride and groom” icon. That’s good. Images matter. But I don’t […]


How I spent my Saturday night. After a matinee and dinner, Ledcat went to Target and I came home to assume critter care duties, et al. When she got home, we unloaded and I discovered that a large bottle of Tide retailed for $18!!!!!! Thank goodness I had a $2 coupon, but seriously? So I […]

Facebook Is Not For Professional Communication

You know how much I adore social media. Facebook is one of my favorite tools in the whole world … somewhere between Android and being in control of the remote. But I just “go nuts” when people use Facebook’s email as a tool of professional communication. First, it is difficult to format messages so what […]

Cynthia Nixon is Entitled To Her Own Identity

Cynthia Nixon is Entitled To Her Own Identity

People. Shrieking and pulling apart Cynthia Nixon’s comments about bisexuality and gay is just tiresome. Relax. The world will not end because Cynthia Nixon has experienced and reacted to biphobia within the LGBTQ community. Guess what? We are biphobic. I can name at least a dozen women I know who have made repeated disparaging comments […]