NaBloPoMo: Energy From Sisterhood

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

This weekend, an acquaintance wrote to me and used the term “Sister” which – to be honest – freaked me out. She intended it to be a reflection of our shared experiences as women living in a man’s world. To me, the term sister has two meanings. First, it is used very flippantly among the […]

NaBloPoMo: Coffee

Caffeine is an artificial stimulant. But aren’t all stimulants artificial?  I love coffee. Didn’t have a taste for it until I lived in Baton Rouge in 1993 – that was my first experience of the “coffee house” experience – chicory coffee and beignets. I gained 30 lbs. Then I moved to rural Kentucky and basically […]

NaBloPoMo: The Time Of My Day

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Friday, January 4, 2013 At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive? Wow, this varies. My natural rhythm is to be productive late at night, but the sleep regimin requires that I decompress earlier in the evening. Still, I occasionally wake up at 2 AM with an AWESOME idea and […]

NaBloPoMo: Recharable Batteries

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Thursday, January 3, 2013 What is your favourite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy? Hello. I’m 3 for 3! I refrained from peeking at today’s “prompt” so I could do a little stream of consious writing. My favorite way to recharge is to sleep. I love sleeping. It is one of the […]

NaBlogPoMo: Energy Consumption

So today’s “prompt” Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy? This is an interesting question. My instant reaction was to list the tasks that I dislike, but procrastination is the real energy suck in those cases – when I just go ahead and do them, tis fine. On […]