Eco-Wednesday: Recycling Medication

Things you should not do with expired or unused medication:  Give to someone else to use or leave where someone else can access it without your knowledge (major source for overdoses and abuse by kids/teens) Put into the trash (poisons ground, groundwater and possibly wildlife that ingest it) Flush in toilet/down sink  (water system not […]

Eco-Wedneday: Tote Bags, Baby

I’ve been trying to come up with some fun twist on “greening the pink” community but nothing quite works (green + pink = blah anyway.) Still, in the interest that environmental issues are LGBTQ issues, I’m trying to dedicate a little blog space to the green knowledge I’ve picked up over the past two years. […]

Eco Wednesday: Do Green Values Drive Our Consumer Decisions?

The Post-Gazette ran a piece on Tuesday exploring economists predictions as to how our “green values” might shape our future shopping decisions. The sharing trend that became popular with Zipcar is likely to expand to other industries such as tools and baby gear as consumers readjust their spending patterns to focus less on conspicuous consumption […]

Eco-Wednesday: Eight Facts About Travel Mugs & GIVEAWAY

There is so much awesome green information available and I miss blogging about it. So because a greener lifestye is part of our lesbian household mantra (albeit slow to be fully adopted), I’m going to incoporate the topic into this blog. Each Wednesday, I’ll write about a green topic. Big, small, little, etc. And feel […]