UPDATED Decision Day PA: What Happens After The Marriage Equality Ruling(s)

marriage equality PA

Marriage equality has come to Pennsylvania after a decision was handed down today. A stay was not issued, but we encourage you to read this FAQ by the ACLU of Pennsylvania for more information. More details coming after tonight’s Decision Day Rally.   Congratulations to Oregon! From Freedom to Marry: Eighteen states – CA, CT, […]

Dear PA Residents – Please Don’t Rush Into Getting Gay Married

I am so simply exhausted right now that I’m sure this post will be much more flippant than I intend. I’ve been on the phone ALL DAY dealing with media calls and trying to help people get services.  And doing laundry.  And medicating cats. The glamorous life. So I just read that Montgomery County, Pennsylvania […]

Same Sex Divorce in Pennsylvania

As we’ve discussed before, it is not possible for a same sex couple legally wed in another state to get a divorced in Pennsylvania. Since divorce usually requires residency, their options are to remain married until the situation changes or to move to another state, establish residency and file for a divorce in that place. […]

PA LGBTQ Couples Can Marry Out-of-State; Cannot Divorce

One significant barrier for me with regard to seeking an out-of-state marriage is the simple fact that I would not have access to divorce as long as I remain a Pennsylvania resident. Married in New York? DC? Canada? Living in PA? No divorce possible. That’s outrageous. And its unlikely to change anytime soon. “Divorce is […]