Oh The Pain ….

Ten months, two concussions and not a single mark or bruise on my brain. I’m in better shape – headwise – than most retired football players my age, right?  On Friday the 13, Ledcat and I were rear-ended. It wasn’t horrific and no trips to the ER were needed. But fast forward two weeks filled […]

NaBlogPoMo: Energy Consumption

So today’s “prompt” Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy? This is an interesting question. My instant reaction was to list the tasks that I dislike, but procrastination is the real energy suck in those cases – when I just go ahead and do them, tis fine. On […]

Post-Concussive Whatever

Let me assure you, this is not a joke. Here has been my final quarter – Oct/Nov: unnown wrist tendon ailment that requires an as of yet to be scheduled electrical impule nerve test delayed by other injuries and snow. The main day to day impact is that I wear an awkward splint that throws […]

Smack Me …

Smack Me …

A week ago, I smacked my head on the headboard and not in a good (or intentional) way … I was struggling to get comfortable b/c of an unrelated back injury (pulled a muscle – stellar week, eh?) and BAM! I didn’t pass out, but I made several mistakes. First, I went to sleep. I […]