Does Joe Paterno also hate lesbians?

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I found this little tidbit while idly surfing the net (and not watching the State of the Union address) on Women's Hoops Blog  It would seem that our revered football coach has been a longtime defender of Portland's hate-policies.   Joe Pa, then and now the most beloved and powerful figure at the school, refused to […] Ramps Up the Culture War

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

GLBT activist Mike Rogers has significantly ramped up the gay response to the culture wars with this latest posting on   I fully support Mike's tactics of outing the closeted hypocrites whose actions harm our community. It is not a popular opinion, but a world in which a black gay man can openly toil for […]

Penn State – Lesbian policy benefits Paterno

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Rene Portland, coach of the PSU Lady Lions basketball team, is coming under increasing fire for her “no lesbians” policy.  This from Minnesota, site of weekend anti-Rene protests …. NCLR lawyer Karen Doering calls Portland's discriminatory policy — “No drinking, no drugs, no lesbians,” the lawsuit terms it — the “worst-kept secret” in NCAA athletics. […]

Transamerica comes to Pittsburgh

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This weekend, Transamerica opens in Pittsburgh.  This film, which garnered a Best Actress Golden Globe for Felicity Huffman, focuses on the relationship between a transgender woman (Huffman) and the teenage son she didn't know she fathered.  It is playing in one (1) theater — the Cinemagic on Forward Avenue in Squirrel Hill.  (Side note:  Brokeback Mountain is now […]

PG Condemns Anti-Gay Amendment

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This commonwealth doesn't need to write bigotry into its constitution in the name of misplaced morality. This morning the Post-Gazette editors condemn the bill introduced in the PA House of Representatives that would amend the constitution to “protect marriage.”  The PG notes that the amendment's impace reaches far beyond the queer community, threatening unmarried heterosexual […]

Missy Hart Challengers Line Up Their Luminaries

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From the Post-Gazette, we discover that “the Democrats' would-be challengers to Rep. Melissa Hart, R-Bradford Woods, are jockeying for the endorsements of party luminaries.” That's Melissa Hart who toes the homo-hating Republican line, amendment and all.   Melissa Hart who has an openly gay man working as her press secretary. had the story this past fall.  […]

Penn State: No Lesbians Policy?

Penn State Women's Basketball Coach Rene Portland is seeking to have a lawsuit alleging “lesbian baiting' dismissed.  Go here for the story at Here's what The Big Gay Picture has to say about the attempt of PSU to wiggle their way away from Portland … [T]hat didn't stop the school from publicly supporting her for […]

Why do these Western PA Democrats Hate Unmarried Heterosexuals?

Here's the list of Western PA State Representatives who have signed on as co-sponsors of the anti-gay marriage amendment.  Legislators who think that this is a valuable use of their time, time not spent on your economy or your property taxes or your health care.  Time not spent funding road repair, public transportation or workplace […]

Do the Penguins have a gay agenda?

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I have absolutely no thoughts on the retirement of Mario Lemieux.  Except for this weird recurring dream where I save his dog from a car accident and he gives me a really cheap tee-shirt in gratitude.  Whatever.  This is the closest thing I've got on the penguin gay agenda  

State Rep. Dan Frankel – A Homo's Best Friend

Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Frankel (D- Allegheny) released a statement on the proposed state constitutional amendment.  Frankel is a long time LGBT ally and, unlike several of his colleagues, recognizes that there are greater threats to Pennsylvania's families than homosexuals.  Things like the economy, property tax reform, education, healthy care and so forth. You tell […]