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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Bloggers in Pittsburgh invite you to participate in a “Day of Blogging” to help change the conversation – from victim blaming to preventing rape, from “scary stranger in the dark” to the prevalence of intimate partner sexual violence, from assuming women are the only victims to a broader understanding of the impact of sexual assault in the queer community.

To participate, we ask you to create one blog post or one social media post (G+, Facebook, Instagram, etc) on this topic – from your own perspective, using your own words. We will also be using this opportunity to encourage readers to support an important community organization, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape through this CrowdRise campaign – every $5 we raise will help to change the conversation through education, counseling and training.  ** This event is not sponsored by or officially connected with PAAR – this is a private fundraiser, but through Crowdrise all funds collecte will go directly to PAAR.

List of Participants

Getting Involved

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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Participant: Anyone interested in the topic

Crowdrise Link:

Hashtag: #PghSAAM (Pittsburgh Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

How do I sign up?  Email pghlesbian at gmail dot com with your name & the name of your social media tool (with url) When your post is live, please send a link to be added to this page throughout the day.

How else can I show my support?  Use the “grab button” and display on your blog leading up to the event. Change your avatar on April 16 to the logo or simply a ribbon.  Share the various posts.

I want to participate, but I prefer to be anonymous?  We support your decision to remain anonymous. If you would like to share your story without using your name, please contact pghlesbian and we can arrange for it to be published on one of the host blogs. We want you to feel safe and supported – and we appreciate any form of participation that works for you.

What should I say? You can write anything from a brief statement of support to your personal story (please use trigger warnings.) What does it mean to you to change the conversation?

If I am not a survivor, should I participate? Yes, this impacts our entire society – advocates for survivors speaking out are incredibly important to building a safer society for everyone.

I’m not in Pittsburgh? Several of us in Pittsburgh are responding in solidarity with our sisters in nearby Steubenville. That is why we selected a Pittsburgh based organization for donations – but it is perfectly great for you to promote an organization or cause in your own community or to not mention the fundraising element at all. There is no geographic limit to whom can participate.


This a list (not comprehensive) of resources you may consult for statistics and data to use in your post.

Check back through the day on April 16 for links to the participating posts.


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For 18+ years,  snowflakes, social justice warriors, and the politically correct have built this blog.

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