One Year After His Death, I Have Unfinished Business with Kerry S. Kennedy

Kerry S. Kennedy Florist Collage

I use my Google calendar to track a lot things, but memorial dates are perhaps the most important to me. Because I don’t want to forget them, even if its sad to think about their deaths. I want to remember that they lived (birthdays) and acknowledge that their deaths were too soon and too sad. […]

Someone Stole the Bill ‘Cowher Chair’ During Kerry Kennedy’s Funeral

Someone Stole the Bill ‘Cowher Chair’ During Kerry Kennedy’s Funeral

Based on new information, it is unclear if this actually happened as was originally described. We will wait for a police report to update this post. Anyone who has information should contact the Zone One police department in Pittsburgh.

LGBTQ&A: Kerry Kennedy – Support LGBTQ Owned Businesses

An occasional series where we pose some questions to local LGBTQ folks (and Allies) to learn more about their personal experiences with LGBTQ culture. Click here for a complete list of all LGBTQ&A profiles.  During Pride 2013, we are trying to feature someone each day.   I met Kerry in 2005 after reading about his store – KS […]

Not in Kerryville Anymore

Mick Jagger flower

Grief is a tricky bastard. You are doing the most benign task, have a casual or sweet or amusing thought, and reach for the phone to share the moment. Then, you remember. The other person, in this case my friend Kerry S. Kennedy, isn’t there to read the text or answer the phone or listen […]

K.S. Kennedy Moves Like Jagger

What started as a fun little flower order took on a life of its own this weekend when local florist K.S. Kennedy Floral arranged flowers for the Rolling Stones visit to Pittsburgh. It started with a phone call asking about a delivery on the Northside for Saturday afternoon. Owner Kerry Kennedy is based on the […]

K.S. Kennedy Floral in the PG

K.S. Kennedy Floral in the PG

Kerry and Lucy are in Saturday's Pet Tales column in the Post-Gazette.  Awesomeness!  Mother's Day is around the corner.  Order your flowers now.  Lucy says yes!

This is the shop the neighborhood built: the return of K.S. Kennedy Florist

“This is the shop that our neighborhoods rebuilt,”  says Kerry Kennedy, proprietor of K.S. Kennedy, Distinctive Floral, Gift and Gourmet which recently reopened in a new storefront just a few doors down from his former location on Western Avenue.  The former location was destroyed by a New Year’s Eve fire which also consumed Kerry’s live in […]

Of Art, Death and Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol grave

I was in a bit of a funk earlier today – not really down, just a little out of sorts. The phone rang and I saw that it was my friend Kerry Kennedy, proprietor of K.S. Kennedy Distinctive Floral, and he had a very unusual request – would I come along to help him deliver […]

Take Part In The LGBTQ&A 2014 Pride Edition


  Last year, I launched a feature “LGBTQ&A” to learn a little more about members of our community and allies. We ran over 30 profiles from Mayor Bill Peduto to Dyke and Trans March Founder Eli Kuti to Ledcat. This year, we’d like to include your story! To be eligible, you simply need to have […]

Things I liked about church today

Things I liked about church today

Today, Ledcat and I went to our second ever service at the Allegheny Unitarian-Universalist Church on the Northside. We've been pondering it for over a year.  Recent stuff going on pushed me to finally sit down and chat with Reverend Dave about things. So this morning we bundled up and drove down to the Church.  It […]