What is the Key to My Returning Home After Six Months? A House (re)Warming Party and I Need Your Help

House key

I’m going home. On Sunday, to be precise.

It took more than six months, a lot of lawyers, and more to get myself home to my cats.

This is the part where I once again ask for help. I will be moving into the spare bedroom and creating a little living/lounge area in a part of the attic. I do have access to the full house, but these are private spaces for me to enjoy. My bedroom does not have any windows so I need the attic space to soak up the daylight – I have a nice view of the West End Bridge.

You also know I’ve exhausted emotionally and physically from recent events – my coverage of the death of Nex Benedict going viral, all the moving stuff, and the death of my father last week. I’ve also been blogging about deaths by suicide of trans youth in Lancaster County and now have five media outlets wanting to talk with me.

That never happens to me. It feels like a shift in the blog. One I appreciate, but find hard to manage this week in particular.

I need help. I have to clean and organize my spaces before moving home on Sunday. I need folx to show up on Saturday from 1-5 to help. I have supplies, furnishings, etc. But I need people to help me as my overwhelming amount of stuff is well, overwhelming.

I had someone who was going to organize this for me, but they have changed that plan. It isn’t a horrible amount of work, but with my brain in overwhelm mode – I need support.

The tasks are pretty simple – wipe down the furnishings, move smaller items around, sweep/mop, and carry some things to the curb. The cats have creased some chaos by knocking over items. Once the basics are done, I can continue things on my own.

If you are allergic to cats, this is not a viable task.

Here are other tasks in need of completion

  • Assemble two outdoor cat feeding stations. Requires tools. Also requires being outdoors. They are not heavy and there are solid instructions.
  • Prepared food is quite welcome – things I can put in the freezer to eat during the week.
  • My bedroom has no window so I need to acquire 3 or 4 floor lamps and other such things. I’m going to post on the two Northside Buy Not a Thing Facebook groups BUT I don’t have a car. If you are willing to drive around a bit to pick up items offered to me and/or store them at your place until we coordinate getting them to me. Very big help. I need light.
  • If you are willing to do some cleaning after I move in (with me, of course), that will be helpful.
  • Drop-off supplies. Beyond cleaning the house, it is time to start cleaning the Fort Faulsey colony so you can drop off paper towels, white vinegar, Murphy’s Oil Soap, trash bags, any sort of Mrs. Meyer’s type product.

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Household goods needed. I’m stretching my pennies to cover court expenses so if you happen to have these items to share, please consider me. I created an Amazon list to show examples, but I hope to find most of these items gently used.

  • Throw rugs, washable, any color size
  • Throw pillows, any size/color/style
  • Lamps (see above)
  • Woven blankets (cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc) to fit a full size bed. These are very comfortable for me and help me sleep.
  • A small microwave
  • 3 sturdy power strips with long cords
  • A wall mounted clock
  • A wall mounted full length mirror
  • Over the door shoe rack and hooks
  • The big ask -I’m hoping to find a chaise chair to use in the attic. A futon won’t fit so this would be a comfy compromise. If you have something like this or see one MacBid or a local BNAT list, please let me know. A wingback chair could work, too.

You can still contribute to the legal and support funds if you are able.

Please email me at pghlesbian at gmail or use one of our existing lives of contact.

I’m going home.


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