Five of My Favorite Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a fun time of year and an even more fun time to decorate. My recent trend has been putting the traditional skeletons, severed body parts, and cauldrons outside the front. In the backyard, I combine fun inflatables with solar powered lights.

To be honest, the backyard is more for me. The inflatables peer over the privacy fence to entertain passersby, but primarily they are there because they make me happy, even joyful. Even knowing they are neatly packed up in bins in the shed still makes me smile.

My Halloween list

Our 11-foot inflatable unicorn skeleton is terrific. i named her Calliope.

She’s sturdy, but the strings and stakes aren’t sufficient to keep her upright. I’ve had to get creative with my own twine and assorted objects to keep her upright.

We also have X the owl. Also sturdy, he’s on season four with me. X could benefit from a few more tabs to tie down, but I improvise by running strings through multiple existing tabs. He’s easy to inflate. And cute.

A very popular decorative trend is the use of skeletons. We had a regular skeleton for years. Then I found a deal on others at the Crazy Bones store, I bought several. I zip tie them to the front stoop railing.

A small favorite touch is a series of small black cauldrons each hosting a battery operated tea light. I poke a little hole in them to drain water.

And finally a favorite of mine are these cute little felt bags. They are all over the house filled with small things on a year round basis. Almost like a literal peek-a-boo, right?


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