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If you want to save your blog, get a TikTok they said.

I have a personal TikTok that boasts mostly cat videos and low viewership. So I’m skeptical a TikTok devoted to this blog, to my blog, can do better than cats. However, I need to save my blog. Recent events have illustrated that my financial status (aka poor) puts this 18+ year archive of LGBTQ history at risk.

But, TikTok?

I have a Patreon and a few monthly contributors through A few ads through SheKnewsMedia network. I’ve dabbled in referral links and so forth, but it takes a lot of time that could be spent blogging.

So I mostly pay out of pocket for the blog. Web hosting, domain registries, software, and more. Webmaster time, so much of it. Events, business cards, etc, etc, etc.

But it is not financially stable. So I have a new goal, a new project. To save this blog. I had hoped the foundation community would help and they might still do that eventually. We’ll need to recode the entire site, address all of the images and photos, edit and preserve the original content, update the categories and tags, and work with a queer historian to do it right.


For now, we need to disentangle the blog from my personal financial situation. That requires helping me have a stable if modest income and putting the costs of the blog in reserve.

I’ll try anything. So Tiktok it is. Tiktokking about the blog. There’s gotta be more to it.

You can contribute if you like right now:

Venmo @Pghlesbian

CashApp $Pghlesbian

Very open to suggestions,



We need your help to save the blog.

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