Review: Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny


We opted for an intergenerational approach to this film dynasty stretching back to 1981 when Laura was graduating high school through this year when Josiah is in his final year of high school. Five movies later, the legacy comes to an end with The Dial of Destiny. And our intrepid review team of Elijah and his mum Sarah have the details – Sue

It was a lot like the first two movies.  

It was most like the first movie, Raiders of the Last Ark, and the second, Temple of Doom, because it had more of the adventure but still felt like a sequel. Indiana Jones teamed up with a woman and a boy to go on an adventure.  The Nazis were the antagonists.  It had the same way of showing how they traveled across the world.  It was interesting how the started off in at the end of World War II with Indy and his sidekick trying to save a rare artifact only to find out that there was a much more important artifact that needed to be saved from German hands.   

Move forward to the time of the moon landing, to find out that Indiana Jones is now a cranky old man grieving the loss of his son and the soon to be divorce of his wife Marion.  This is where things get exciting.  He is approached by an old acquaintance Helena, who is the daughter of the sidekick from his time with the Nazis.  She approaches him about the artifact that they took off the train.  Chaos ensues, there is a chase through the streets.  We are only then to find out that one of the Nazis survived the original train wreck.   

At the beginning we thought that she was just going to be a love interest for Indy or just another sidekick for his journey, but as movie progressed, we learned she was more of a bad guy because she wanted to steal the artifact and sell it for herself and we felt she didn’t really care about it or her fathers research.  After she escapes New York with the artifact and is chased down by Indiana Jones in Tangier, we meet Teddy, a young boy very similar to Short Round from the older movies.  Towards the end, we learn that she really does care, not only about saving the world but also about her father’s research and Indiana Jones. This was a good twist.

At the end, Indy, Helena and Teddy find themselves in many harrowing situations, including lots of bugs and eels (which are just sea snakes).  They all learn to trust each other and save the world. 

All in all, this was probably the second best of the franchise.  It was good to hear the familiar fast of the past and to hear all the great music that we had learned to love.   

And while Indy may hang up his hat and whip, we’ll forever have this five movie legacy as a reminder that Nazis exist so the good guys have to resist them.


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