Crowdfunding New Feeding Stations for #FortFaulsey Community Cats

We sponsor the #FortFaulsey community cat colony with two feeding stations –  one halfway up back alley on a friend’s property and the other in Sue and Laura’s backyard. There are about a dozen regular cats.

These latest rains have just destroyed our ‘temporary’ feeding stations aka plastic bins after a punishing weather cycle simply weakened the plastic. It is time to invest in the high quality stations from Feralvilla to keep everyone well fed in a hygenic environment.

Feralvilla builds great stations that are weatherized, sturdy, and handsome. We have one at each feeding location now and the difference is noticeable – especially on a rainy day like today when the cats can go into the feeding station to eat and be protected from the elements.

We’d like to buy six, three large and three small. Each station with shipping (shingles are heavy) is about $120. Multiple “preferred” feeding station options at each location minimizes arguments and keeps the extra food and water longer. The dishes stay cleaner.  And the neighbors appreciate the view versus a bright orange beaten up plastic bin.

We have compared prices with local handypeople and they can’t beat this price. So we say let’s support a small business that gets it right rather than recreate the wheel. Buying in bulk means less shipping overall and more efficient use of the fuel.

If we end up with a surplus, we’ll use it to purchase food.

Please chip-in as you can


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