For #Caturday We Are Throwing a Pop-Up Kitten Baby Shower

Kitten season has hit hard this year and the caretakers need your help. From finding a very small one with a potentially broken paw in the middle of Federal Street to pleas for help with large litters in Uniontown and beyond, everyone is overextended and running in three directions at once. With a kitten in each hand. #PghPetFolx is here to help with a Kitten Baby Shower.

Baby Siamese kitten

Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, flooding the shelter with homeless litters. Baby kittens are too small and weak to live in the shelter environment, as they’re the most vulnerable to disease, and must live in foster homes until they’re big enough for adoption. Mama community cats can get pregnant many times per year, averaging six surviving kittens. Who then have an average of six kittens the next year.

Comunity kittens struggle. They need extra support and care. Sometimes the challenge is finding someone to trap, sometimes it is finding a foster home.

One thing that really breaks my heart is when I have a playful, friendly older kitten at a colony – too old to be placed, but has the sweet personality likely to make a terrific indoor cat. We can try to place, of course, but it is harder. So the solution is to increase resources – more people fostering/volunteering and more supplies to help those who do.

We will divide donations between Pittsburgh C.A.T., Rescue and Relax, Cats Ear Revolution and local caretakers.


This is EJ at the Fort Faulsey colony. He showed up with a tipped ear. He’s very, very sweet. He comes running to me and now leaps into my arms. EJ could most likely be socialized with ease and placed into a forever home. But … finding a foster with slots for older kittens and cats is tough.

We can do better!

So we are throwing a pop- baby kitten shower to support the little ones, their mamas (and papas), as well as the caretakers. No games or cake, but lots of love.

These young ones were rushed to an ER vet this past weekend. They are doing better with lots of round the clock care.

Donations will be divvied up among the groups doing this hard work. We’ll post more specific stories in the discussion part of the Facebook event page.

We have a wishlist/registry setup so you ship items directly. You can also porch drop donations in Manchester (DM for address) on the Northside or by arrangement.

Northside Siamese kitten’s veterinary bill was $370. That same night, the rescue that took him in had to rush other sick kittens to the ER vet with a bill over $1500. So we hope to raise the $370 to offset that one bill – Northsiders, please help!

Gently used items are welcome in good condition, from smokefree environments, and clean (please do not use fabric softener or scented laundry soap) Be sure to check out this post with tips on how to donate gently used items to help animals.

Suggested donations include:
– kitten food, wet and dry
– clump free litter
– towels and washcloths
– human baby sized blankets
– brand new small shallow litter pans
– toys without catnip suitable for various aged kittens
– kitchen scales
– carriers in great condition
– pet beds of all sizes
– crates with no missing or bent pieces (we can replace trays)

You can send financial donations through our 501c3. Many of these kittens need urgent or emergency care, even routine care is pricey these days.

Venmo @PittsburghLGBTQ
Paypal Charities
Facebook go to @Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities and click Donations
Checks made payable to Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (note kittens in memo)

Shopping List

Thank you!

Cat Food Drive Pittsburgh
First donation … thank you.


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