Make #ProtectTransKids Yard Signs More Visible With This Quick Fundraiser

Our #ProtectTransKids yard sign effort is going strong, nearly 1200 signs strong throughout the region (plus Philly and Baltimore)

Something that’s worked well before was crowdfunding for a batch of 50 signs and then working with a local partner to distribute them quickly on the ground. We then ask people who claim the signs to consider a “pay it forward” donation to buy more signs.

So we are honoring the Trans Day of Visibility by asking you to donate to make these trans affirming signs more visible in these communities:

  1. Butler GOAL MET
  2. Fox Chapel School District
  3. North Hills – McCandless/Reserve/Hampton/North Park areas
  4. Brookline
  5. Washington, PA

And we will add more communities as local partners step up. If you want to be a local partner, email ASAP – it isn’t complicated if you have a little space to store a box of signs and a willingness to distribute to your neighbors.

We need to raise $580 (our price) to order 50 signs for them to plant into that community. So $580 per box.

We do not charge anyone requesting a sign, pen, or sticker. It is all by donation. You can request at this link. If you live in this region, we’ll figure out how to get a sign to you. If you live outside of the region, we’ll see if we can hitch a ride with someone already heading your way. You can volunteer at this link to help distribute signs, stickers, pens, etc.

We also work with local partners to distribute the items because it important that people feel safe and comfortable. We’ve recently had two students from Butler request pens and stickers but have them sent to a friend’s house because their families will not support them. So we know that having a trusted local partner is essential.

We will also do this for any other interested community.

The sooner we hit our target, the faster we can order the signs and have them shipped to the contact person.

Butler was funded in less than 12 hours. Fox Chapel School District parents is almost fully funded. We will update this post throughout the weekend.

Here’s the FB crowdfund link

You can use our other tools as well – just add a note or send us a message.


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