Help Kitten ‘Ashford’ Recover From Unplanned Surgery #Caturday

Watch foster mama try to wrangle five month kitten into his cone of shame.

Three days ago, a small little guy showed up on a neighbor’s porch. No ear tip, no collar, super friendly. Unneutered male, probably 3-4 months old.

Ashford showed up this week at a neighbor’s house

Neighbors brought to us to get scanned. While checking him out, we found an abscess or wound of some type on his tail. We need to get that checked out before anything.

He’s going to Rivers Urgent Care on Firday – that’s going to cost a little bit to get the injury/tail seen and treated (antibiotics? cleaning it? drain it?) plus bloodwork and his basic vaccines if that’s doable. We have him scheduled to be neutered and get the rest of his vaccines next week.

We are looking for his owner, but need to determine if the tail was injured by humans, other animals, medical issues, etc. We are also looking for a rescue to take him in.

I’ve dubbed him Ashford after characters on General Hospital (Curtis, Marshall, Jordan, and TJ)

When he arrived, I took the carrier to our bathroom. He got out, cuddled with me, explored the room, ate an entire can of food, let out a disgusting explosion in the litter pan and has been sound asleep in the sunny windowsill for an hour.

So we have the urgent care visit to see about the tail, the regular vaccines/deworming/neuter, follow up, food, and supplies. We hope if we get him set up and expenses covered, a rescue will take him in.

If we find a chip this afternoon, we’ll keep trying to locate owner and get the tail looked at so he’s not suffering.

When I took Ashford to the Urgent Care clinic, they determined he needed immediate surgery on his tail. Immediate. They also decided to neuter him while he was under anesthesia. So I spent the day biting my nails, waiting for the call. At the end of the day, he came through well. They believe he was attacked and bitten by a dog or larger animal. They drained his wound and pumped him full of antibiotics, pain meds, and anti-inflammatory meds. They had been concerned about possible amputation because he’s not using his tail, but so far that seems off the table.

Otherwise, Ashford is healthy and now fully vaccinated and ready to roll. He’ll spend the weekend in our bathroom. Then we’ll try to find a rescue to take him on for adoption. And we’ll do some socialization with our friendlies.

His vet bill was $800 so far. We set up a crowdfund on Facebook.

You can also donate to Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities/PghCatFolx these ways

Venmo @PittsburghLGBTQ


Any extra donations will help other Northside cats in need.


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