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Ashford has a little setback. His stool specimen is clear, but he’s refusing to eat wet food and is very whiny. He’s had constant d+. I spoke with vet today – we are holding steady with current treatment and offering him some dry food options. Reassess on Monday.

Most likely, he’ll get more rounds of medication. And that while effective will be ongoing source of joy for his foster mamas who have to get the goop into him. Both taste terrible and smell terrible so I see his point. Still, little man needs to work with us.

He was playful yesterday, but not today. He’s now having sleepovers in bathroom with Coco. She commanded the bed so we put a second one in there for him and he promptly slept on the floor next to her.

These inexplicable medical things are what kills so many community cats. His body is healing the bite on his tail. How could it fight both issues without veterinary care while searching for food each day, worrying about predators?

If Ashford had been found young or born into foster care, his immune system would be stronger. He wouldn’t have been bitten. He would have used a clean litter box.

It could have been avoided and his little body would be focused on growing, not healing from multiple issues.

He’ll be okay. But the cost of a spay or neuter is about $120. His vet bills are now over $1200 plus food, supplies, etc. And more medication on the horizon. If someone had been responsible about spaying and neutering, we could have helped ten cats for that $1200.


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