An (un)Happy Valentines Day Thanks to City of Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control Dept

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with peas, melon, and trapping groundhogs to save them from the callous disregard of Animal Care & Control, part of the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department. Callous disregard for the animals, yes. But more importantly, callous disregard for the elderly homeowner who is terrified of animals in her basement. We’ve been negotiating this for three years. City Council, The Mayor, 311. Office of Public Health and Safety. Private groups that help with home repairs.

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Nothing will change as long as try to trap and kill a solution instead of helping residents fix their house issues (when applicable.)

I refer you to this Q&A for more information.…/pittsburgh-wildlife…/

By freeing up the estimated 75% of their time spent on wildlife trap pick-ups right now, they would be able to spend more time on important issues like dog bite prevention, better ordinance enforcement (dogs running loose, dogs without adequate shelter, vaccines, licenses, etc.). Dog bite statistics in Allegheny County were the lowest on record during a period in 2015 where a previous AC Supervisor had significantly cut back on wildlife trapping. Interestingly, the same applied to reported wildlife bites during that period; a lot of wildlife bites occur when handling a trap with an animal inside it.

City residents deserve better. This will be our third summer enduring this and I say “endure” because the situation has resulted in obviously poisoned dead groundhogs shoved under the fence, community cats targeted with bleached water, calls to PLI, even a report to 911 that we had a deadbody in our compost pile. And after all of that and all of our efforts to get a sane solution with the City, here we are again in FEBRUARY. How long will the City let this woman be terrified before they actually help her?


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