My Essay About Voting

Day two of #NaBloPoMo

This feels mandatory, a reminder to all of you about why you must vote and vote Blue in the elections next week.

I like to think that anyone reading my blog would be familiar with these issues and already a regular voter. But since I don’t actually know most of you, that would be daft.

Vote to protect the rights of women and pregnant people and the bodies of everyone out of the hands of “local politicians” or otherwise.

Vote because our environment will implode or explode in the next 20-30 years. I am 52 so that’s not going to impact me too much, but that’s no excuse. I have six nibling who inherit this mess and countless other young people among my neighbors, friend’s families, and the community. You can feel the climate changing, can’t you? The hotter days, the ups and downs, the frequent inversions and ozone alerts. Pittsburgh’s climate is not the same as it was during my childhood (70’s and 80’s) and it is clearly not a temporary change or an off year.

Vote because my marriage is no threat to yours. I can’t point to a single bit of harmful fallout for anyone.

Vote because I am now more afraid than ever that my wife, who is (too) often mistaken for young man, will be accosted not just misgendered. It is cute when they hand her a kids menu in the restaurant. It no longer becomes cute when I think what she could experience in a bathroom. She can handle herself and she is a lawyer, but no one should be afraid to pee in a public space. I can swear to you that in the 45 or so years I’ve been using bathrooms on my own, I’ve never encountered anyone threatening me.

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Vote for your economic interests. You’ve been through enough presidencies to understand that no one can fix the economy fully in two years. President Biden has done well, but if you want a way to control inflation and get your affordable life back – you need a Congress willing and able to work with the President.

Vote against extremist rhetoric. Chris Deluzio is not delusional. Summer Lee is not going to fire all the policefolx across the nation. John Fetterman is not going to see all convicted murderers and rapists free. It is possible people will show up on January 6, 2023 or that they will continue to attack the family member’s of elected officials.

Vote because the best way to protect girls in athletic programs is to ensure they are funded equitably with boy’s athletic programs – in middle & high school as well as college and professionally. It is also a good way to prevent hostile foreign countries from kidnappings and hold female athletes hostage.

Vote because there are shortages in teachers and nurses. That’s going to require a significant systemic investment to turn around.

Vote because student loan debt is crippling the entire economy, not just the borrowers. Because community college should be free to ensure a society with a fundamental education – plumbers and artists and retail managers need critical thinking skills, to be able to communicate in writing, and to understand the institutions that live amongst them.

Vote because banning ideas is a slippery slope. If you don’t want your kids to read certain books, fine. They can make their own mind up when they are 18. But you don’t get to tell other parents how to make those decisions. That can backfire on you.

Vote because corporations should not be counted as people.

Vote because you can’t impact how corporations act and must rely on government regulation to represent your family’s interests. You may not like that, but it is truth. Do corporations truly pave the way for you to a life of wealth and privilege? Or do they keep you in your lane?


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