I Don’t Mind Political Ads

As a regular viewer of local news on TV, I see a lot of commercials – mostly for furniture, AC/duct/windows/bathroom installers, and assorted dubious medical hucksters.

Obviously, most of the ads lately are tied to campaigns. People complain about them. I don’t. It’s irritating, yes, but until we get real campaign reform – it’s a necessary evil for democracy.

I’ll gladly watch/ignore 30 billion over-the-top ads to help my Democrats win. I liberally use the mute button, but sometimes I feel hypnotized by the music, the absurd rhetoric, the obvious manipulation. All scary stuff for sure.

What stays with me are the personal ads – Chris DeLuzio dropping jagoff into his simple speech, Lindsey Williams promising to take care of people, John Fetterman literally asking people for their vote, and Summer Lee exuding competency with her smile. The dude from Beaver County presenting a seemingly drama-free 13 year record.

The attack ads are a mishmash of snippets in my mind. Oz tries to seem sincere, but does not succeed. Mastriano just seems sincerely unhinged. The keywords bounce off my brain like rain from my Carhartt hoodie.

Campaign reform is necessary. Tighter FCC regulation of the airwaves is necessary. I’ll be looking at both issues more closely.

But voting is essential.


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