“Let Their Light Shine On …” Candle Raffle for #PTK – 2022

Let their light shine on …

As part of our presence at Netroots Nation conference, Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities set up a memorial to honor the lives and mourn the deaths of our trans neighbors. We wanted to be sure their experiences, including the terror campaign claiming their lives, was part of the conversation about LGBTQ+ anything.

In the spirit of using one candle to light others, we are raffling these candles individually to raise funds for the #ProtectTransKids projects. PTK grew from the experiences of a 15-year-old Black trans girl who has been harassed relentlessly by a racist, transphobic neighbor for two+ years. After the neighbor erected a handmade billboard, facing the bedroom window of Ke’Juan, that read ‘Transing is abuse and homophobia’ nearly 700 neighbors responded by planting #ProtectTransKids yard signs around the region, including several hundred in Ke’Juan’s neighborhood.

Those signs led to stickers to be distributed to students and others who want to show their support of this simple call to action. Then a group of trans and queer kids also in their teens worked with Pittsburgh City Council to establish ‘Protect Trans Kids Day’ in the City on September 12, 2022, including directing the crafting of the proclamation. The memorial was on display at the reception as well.

We cannot forget our lost neighbors, but we must also be attentive to the needs of those who are with us. We must listen to their voices. We must be proactive in creating a safer world.

The Proclamation reads

WHEREAS, transgender youth are important and valued members of Pittsburgh, including in our schools, and it is the responsibility of all adults, cisgender and trans, to protect their physical, emotional, and mental welfare and to promote all possibilities for their growth and flourishing in our community;

This is not a fundraiser for the organization, the funds go directly back into PTK projects that are guided by Ke’Juan and her family as they continue to walk through multi-year legal proceedings.This fundraiser has been structured and approved by trans folx, including those working on our project and those working across the world to lift up the lives & acknowledge the deaths of those we’ve lost.

The candles were donated by a variety of creators.

Here is how this raffle will work.

Go to the PLC Facebook page (Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities) and click on the photo album Candle Raffle for #PTK – 2022

  • Scroll through the individual photos of the candles. Where we have multiples of a specific candle, there will only be one photo but it will indicate how many are available. Each photo will have a number.
  • Leave a comment on the photos of the candle(s) you want to direct your raffle tickets to.
  • Send us your donation for your tickets. Be sure to include your name, email address, the hashtag #CandleRaffle and indicate the numbers of the candles you are interested in winning.
  • We will match up comments with donations as the month proceeds. You can come back to “see” how many others are entered in your particular candle. And maybe buy more tickets.

The raffle closes on October 31, 2022.

We will have our #PTK teens draw the winners and notify everyone via email. Then we’ll make arrangements to get your candles to you.

Tickets are *1 for $3*3 for $5*7 for $10*20 for $25. A $50 donation will automatically put two tickets in each raffle.

Each person who donates for any quantity of tickers and provides their mailing address will automatically receive a #ProtectTransKids sticker after the raffle ends. When you make your donation, you must specify the candle raffle and the number of the candles you’d select. You must make sure we have a contact email whatever method you use to donate. The best way is to use the memo or note feature on all these tools and write #CandleRaffle. We will post photos of the candles on our Facebook page, each one assigned a number. You indicate the candles where you would like to put your raffle tickets (a virtual basket) and we will add your name (first name/last initial) to the post’s comments.

We will also share links to memorial posts for neighbors whose lives were taken in 2021 and 2022 (so far) as well as content about other PTK projects.

On November 1, 2022, we will draw the names. Those folx will be notified and make arrangements to transfer the candle to your care. When shipping is required, we will contact to discuss as shipping can be as much as $9 per candle. You can also choose to donate your candle to a local trans organization or member of the trans community. We hope you will say their names while you burn these candles and carry that power forward to support trans youth and adults.

You can reach out with questions to folx@pghlgbtq.org or via Messenger on FB.

Once tickets are put into a raffle “basket” – they cannot be moved. It will just be too complicated for us to manage so please understand.

You can purchase as many tickets as you like throughout the month. You can donate tickets to others or designate a recipient for any candle you might win. Visit our Facebook page throughout the month to read updates and learn more about the neighbors whose lights we continue to honor on a year round basis.

For clarity – previous donations cannot be applied to raffle ticket purchases. Thank you for your understanding.

Donations can be made via

Thanks to our donors:

North Avenue Candles


Trail Botanica

Northern Scents Candle Company

PSquared Scents

Click here to see each raffle item via our Facebook page.


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