Who is no one applying to adopt these gorgeous Siamese mix siblings?

Their names are Logan and Horton. I trapped then in the Fineview neighborhood of Pittsburgh’s Northside in August 2021. Daddy was a Siamese and Mama was a Tortoiseshell. Mama was TNVRd and is part of a colony now. They are 10 months old.

Logan is a Flame Point Siamese (mix) male – creamy soft white fur with light orange ‘flame’ markings and a wee bit of black brush strokes probably from his mama. Horton is a Seal Point Siamese (mix) female – cream color fur with darker markings. She’s a bit dainty in size while Logan is a solid cat.

These two love each other. They play, they sleep together, they eat together, they chase dust bunnies and resident cats. They are sweet and loving. They sleep on top of us. They curl up with us when we read or watch tv in bed.

The caveats are that they are a bit reserved and have to be picked up with care. They prefer that you don’t do that. But if you plop down on the sofa, bed, or floor – they are right there on top of you. And you can pick them up to put in a carrier, etc. With time, I think they’ll make more progress.

The other caveat is that they are not a good fit for homes with children, seniors, or dogs. With proper introductions, they’ll be fine with other cats. Teenagers are fine if they have good cat manners themselves. But these are cats for adults with energy and love to lavish on them.

They are a great duo if you work outside of home because they are quite content to keep each other company for your shift. However, they are also going to come to see you when you come home.

We love these guys so much along with their siblings Quartermaine and Molly. But we cannot keep them. And as long as they remain here, we cannot take in other foster kittens – kittens who need us very much. So please share this post and reach out to everyone you know who is looking for two loving sweet cats.

They are healthy, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and ready for a forever home. They are NOT pure Siamese, but who would know by looking at them?

You can apply for Horton and Logan through Pittsburgh CAT

@pghlesbian Horton & Logan are Siamese siblings waiting for a forever home to share. #cats #catsoftiktok #siamese #kittens #kittensoftiktok #adoptme ♬ Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another – Glee Cast
@pghlesbian Our Siamese siblings living the nightlife #kittensoftiktok #cats #catsoftiktok #kittens #siamese #siameseoftiktok ♬ I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) – Alicia Bridges
@pghlesbian Horton and Logan in their tree. Being cats. #cats #catsoftiktok #kitten #adoptme @pittsburghcat ♬ Hey Ya! – Outkast
@pghlesbian Logan is a flamepoint Siamese, Horton a seal tip. Both are mixed – Mama is tortie, Papa is Siamese #cats #catsoftiktok #siamese #kittenadoption ♬ I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas
@pghlesbian folding laundry with #kittens #cats #cats Logan, Quartermaine, and Horton are available for adoption. #Siamese #Gingercat ♬ Manic Monday – The Bangles


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