Proud to Endorse Democrat John Fetterman for U.S. Senate

I am proud to support Democrat John Fetterman for U.S. Senate in the Pennsylvania Primary.

He’s a flawed human being who defies convention by not hiding his flaws. He’s more humble than I anticipated and, perhaps most importantly, he listens to people. His statewide tour during his first months in office as Lt. Governor really gave me pause – he was going to listen intentionally to everyday Pennsylvanians in every part of the Commonwealth. I’m unsure I’ve ever been aware of any elected official doing something like that, certainly none that left such a vision planted in my brain.

I want to send a smart, compassionate Senator to Washington D.C., one who can beat a Republican in the General Election and work within the Dems, with the Biden Administration, and across the aisle when possible to continue building a new America for people like me. And you. John Fetterman is the best funded candidate, the candidate with the highest state and national profile, and the candidate who accomplished his goals in Harrisburg. He’s made Pennsylvania better for all of us already and I think will accomplish even more in Washington DC.

We need to send white heterosexual cisgender men who recognize their privilege, but don’t lean into it like it’s a well-fitted suit. We need to break the mold of who looks like a typical politician and start focusing on who gets things done. John is such a man.

I urge you to vote in the PA Democratic Primary and to vote for John Fetterman for US Senate.

Here is my Q&A with John Fetterman.

This endorsement reflects Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog and my personal endorsement. It is not reflective of any other organization or entity with which I am affiliated.

I was compelled to endorse in this race for many reasons. Here’s one. As a woman, I feel intently the criticism that he doesn’t smile enough. His refusal to change his MO coupled with his many, many documented smiles (especially with his kids) makes me feel a kinship to this particular cishet white man. I believe that he does understand parts of my lived experiences better than any other candidate.


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