Official Yard Sign for Pittsburgh Cats Available Now

As I’ve previously shared, our blog works with a new local 501c3, Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (PLC), on some of our best projects. PLC has no editorial control over this blog and the blog (me) just has one vote on the PLC Board – and other board members who aren’t ever going to just go along with me.

One of our first efforts has been a unique fundraiser – a yard sign to show support for cats and the cat folx who take care of them. That includes everyone from the colony caretakers to the neighbors who have indoor cats of their own. The sign is something you can put out in your yard (or sidewalk, like me) in the midst of the very popular campaign sign season. And your donation for the the sign will help fund important cat projects.

Today, a neighbor cat trapper reached out to me – someone had donated some towels & blankets and I wanted to know if she could use them (of course she can.) She told me she is trying to trap multiple groups of kittens and could use some help with dry kitten food. Because we have some funding, I was able to order it and have it shipped to her home for tomorrow.

Earlier this week, I realized most of the feeding stations at our colonies help up in the worst of the weather, but are now past their prime. They were mostly plastic bins with holes cut into them. So we decided to order higher quality durable feeding stations from Feralville.

The week before, a friend reached out to me about the two litters of kittens at their home. They are a FT student and work PT so paying for the food was all they could manage, not the TNVR. We connected her with a rescue group to take the kittens once they are trapped. We sent adult & kitten food to that caretaker and have a donation ready for the rescue to help with the veterinary costs.

You can help with a donation. While we are not a rescue, we do redirect donations and supplies to various caratekers and rescues. We manage a colony with two feeding stations ourselves. We sponsored a table at a recent spagehetti dinner fundraiser for Homeless Cat Management and Pittsburgh CAT – we don’t recreate the wheel, we apply some grease to keep it rolling.

I’m a little surprised that only one person has been interested in these signs. They are actually quite adorable and very Pittsburghy black and gold colors.

We are asking for a donation of $50. That will partially cover a spay/neuter procedure or buy several bags of dry food for a colony or pay for a small high quality feeding station. It can go a lot of ways.

Here’s where you order the signs

You can also donate directly

Venmo @PittsburghLGBTQ

Wishlist at Amazon

Coming soon – Chewy wishlist

Include a note if you want it to go to the cat projects or anything specifically.


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