UPDATE: Princess, Missing 25-year-old White Trans Woman, Discovered to be Killed While Crossing Intersection in Houston

Princess Missing in houston
Via Facebook

UPDATE – Princess’ friends have confirmed for me that they were informed by Houston police that Princess was killed after being struck by a car while crossing a road Monday evening. More details are not available. The driver reportedly stopped to offer aid and call for help.

Princess is 25-years-old. She’s about 5’4″ and has a slender build. Her hair is long and currently colored a bright blond. She hasn’t been heard from since Monday, April 18, 2022. She left her job at Minute Maid Park after a Houston Astros baseball game to head home. She spoke with her housemate for about 40 seconds at 10:14 PM to confirm her impending arrival home. She was waiting for her bus at a transfer station, likely near her work to head home to a neighborhood north of the stadium.

She was wearing her work uniform of black pants, navy blue shirt with a little bit of grey on the sleeves. Black shoes and an Astros cap with orange visor.

A missing person’s report has been filed, but there have been no clues. Princess’ family and her housemates family have been searching for her. Her phone goes straight to voicemail and does not have a tracker.

Princess did use a few dating apps where she may have more recent photos with her blond hair, but her friends say she wasn’t actively talking with anyone or seeing anyone. She’s been the target of verbal street harassment in the past and was seldom in public without a face mask.

If you have information, please contact Houston Police or you can email her friends Noh8123@yahoo.com

I’m writing this post to pull together some various fragments of the story. When I saw “Houston” – my mind immediately went to Monica Roberts, founder of TransGriot blog. Monica was from Houston. So I pulled this together to share and hope that all of Monica’s friends, fans, and followers will share it widely in the Houston area. Call the Astros and the stadium and ask how they are helping to find their missing employee. Call the media.


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